Before You Were Born

When I decided to finish my little cottage, I wanted to choose someone special to do the finish work.  I decided to contact a young man who I had known since he was 5 years old, the son of a friend of mine.  When he agreed and we had agreed on a price for the finish work, I was thrilled because it made my little cottage all the more precious to me knowing that someone precious to me would be doing the finish work.

Brian called me the day before he was to begin the work.  There was a slight glitch.  It was his weekend to have his little three-year-old boy and he said that he could do the work, but did I mind babysitting while he worked.  While I hadn't been in the company of a three-year-old little boy for many years, I replied with a resounding "Yes" and added that it would be great fun.

After I exhausted all the games I knew to play with a three-year-old, I asked Christopher a question that I had no prior intention of asking.  And what came out of my mouth not only surprised me, but horrified me at the same time.