My Picks

To honor and acknowledge some of the people who have helped me on my path, I show them here.

Mish, Diana, and Nika are woman I work with on Missing Children cases.  Diana has made incredible inroads, in some cases, with authorities who actually listen to what we receive in our meditations and through her, we share information.  Mish does photo readings, Diana is an Intuitive and Healer, and Nika can research everything and anything.

E. Thomas Costello was my Life Coach for a number of months this year.  Wow.  I loved working with him.  He helped me in so many ways.  He especially helped me to be okay, just the way that I am.

Petra is the most incredible distance healer.  I have seen her work with people.  She is a delicate and petite woman, but oh the magnitude of her Spirit.

Sandy Zellers Tolson is one of my dearest friends from Texas.  Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner.  A true and powerful Priestess.

Lisa Bufton does almost everything and she does it well.  She was the one who identified the little boy ghost and his dog who lived in the upstairs of our inn.  She does past life regressions, psychic readings, channels, and most recently developed a super relationship with a facility that successfully treats addictions of all kinds.

Dr. Eric Pearl, Adam the Dream Healer, Dr. Alex Lloyd and Dr. Richard Bartlett are all teachers and masters at what they do.  They are all bringing in more Light and Information and can be contacted for workshops and seminars.  I have studied with Dr. Bartlett, Dr. Pearl, Dr. Lloyd and attended an Adam Dreamhealer Seminar this summer.  Just to note, Adam had an experience with a giant Raven, too.  This is one of reasons I flew to Toronto this summer to attend his seminar.

Wendy Stout really helped me this year when I took a bad fall and injured my knee.  I was not able to control the level of pain I was experiencing and from an email I sent to her, she did the EFT technique on my knee and within moments of doing this on my behalf, long distance, I was almost completely out of pain.  It was quite incredible.

And Salina Core does the most inspirational and incredible channeled messages from beyond.  I cannot say enough about this woman.  Following this taping, listing all these people who have helped me so much, I will end with the two channeled readings that Salina did for me.

Be sure to watch this last video because it has everyone's contact information listed, so that you can pause your video and write down the information if you have an interest.

So to these friends and professionals, I say thank you.  And to you, I say, Thanks for watching.