Being Invisible

After having a scare on the highway driving to Chetumal, Mexico from our hotel 2 1/2 hours south, my husband and I began to notice that the landscape had suddenly changed.

There was a sharp glare to everything around us. My husband thought everything began looking surreal.

Once we arrived in Chetumal, is was as if most of the residents decided to leave the city, a city that is typically bustling with commerce and activity, a city of 300,000 people.

Normally, it takes us 20 minutes to find a parking space only to walk 2 blocks to our destination. But on this day there were hundreds of available parking spaces with a handful of people on the streets. We saw no street vendors. We hardly saw 10 people total in the center of the "hub."

On our first stop into Office Depot, we noticed something strange while trying to pay at the counter where 5 employees worked. We were the only customers at the counter, and the employees could not see us.