A few years ago, I received a divine message outside of my own head, into my left ear, actually. The divine message was whispered urgently. I could hear the messenger’s breath on my left ear. The message was, "Hear Veronica’s Whisper." This message stopped me in my tracts and caused me to think about my life. I allowed myself to review and revisit my experiences, my story. I was especially interested in revisiting the unexplained and mystical experiences of my life. And when I could no longer say to myself, “Well that’s just one of those things,” and pack those experiences away in a box in the basement, so to speak, I decided to honor them and bring them out of the darkness.

I have done this. I have reviewed journals of all kinds, dream journals, diaries, weird experiences journals, my own memory, and the short stories that I have written over the years, which were inspired by my experiences. What I think that I have discovered is that there’s a whole lot more to me than I ever imagined possible. I think we all sometimes wonder what our purpose is. I certainly fall into that category.

I wonder who it was that saved my life on several occasions, and I wonder why my life was saved. And I came to the conclusion that it was for some greater purpose. I have a feeling that this greater purpose falls outside simply living and breathing, doing the laundry and cleaning the house, and working so that I can buy more things.

I am a seeker. I have searched most of my life to understand the greater meaning and my higher purpose. I don’t pretend to know or understand much of anything, really, except that I have this “knowing” that there is so much more to me, to all of us. I’ve had enough unexplained experiences to support this. I have talked with non-physical entities. I have received mystical messages. I have experienced and felt divine energy. I have been healed physically and emotionally by divine energy. I have experienced and remembered past lives. I have had ghostly encounters. I have seen and talked to the dead. I have seen and talked to the angels. I have seen, experienced and talked with St. Michael, St. Raphael and St. Thomas. I have been shown how to holographically create a copy of myself and heal myself. I have been told and shown the way that our justice system will evolve. My life has been saved at least twice in unbelievable, unfathomably ways. Jesus has come to me many times and talked with me. And there’s so much more.

As I’ve gotten older, the urgency to understand my own experiences has become increasingly more prominent. So instead of hiding my stories away somewhere, I just decided to tell them. I don’t know what my stories will mean to anyone else but me, but it is my heartfelt prayer that they will have some positive effect on those who listen to them. I hope that listeners will revisit their own stories with new eyes and from a different perspective and find or rediscover their own magnificence.

The one thing that I am learning is that we are all magnificent, divine beings, doing our best to remember who we really are and working hard to connect to our hearts and our souls. Well, I am learning, as we all are, I suppose. I hope you enjoy the stories and journey with me through all of them in the order that I experienced them. I hope that you receive a multitude of gifts from listening to these stories and that you are entertained, as well.

Abundant Blessings to All, in All Ways and Always