Time Space Series Intro

The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012.

Are we receiving the prelude to this now? Are we receiving the beginning hints that we are entering and experiencing THE END OF TIME AS WE KNOW IT?

I think so, based upon my experiences of the last few years.

My experiences are proving to me that time and space are not what I always imagined they were. Time seems to be something that is bendable, malleable, and certainly not "fixed."

Space, that is, "things" occupying a space in one moment of time suddenly change to something else in the "space" of a moment is a trippy experience but an experience I am having with more regularity.

The following stories are all true stories. They are illustrations that something beyond what we've ever been taught is, indeed, happening. and it's happening NOW. What is it? Are we finally moving into being multidimensional beingness?